Mama and Baby Snake In A Can (2 Snakes)
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Mama and Baby Snake In A Can (2 Snakes)

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  • Not sold anywhere else
  • The baby snake comes out squealing and if that is not enough, the huge mama snake follows right behind to scare your victim!
  • Large 8.5 inch tall can with realistic graphics,
  • Even has fake nutritional facts
  • The mama snake is over 4 foot long and the baby snake is 9 inches long
  • You can also use these snakes in store bought potato chip cans for even more opportunities to surprise your friends and family!!!

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Super Quick service!!! Love it!!! Can't wait to prank my sons!!!! Jorge A.

The prank kit is hilarious. My daughter has played pranks on everyone and i will be ordering more pranks in the future for her. Heather R.

Got this as a birthday present for my nephew, and he LOVES it! He's having a ball with all the tricks. Haslam H.

My grandchildren were very happy with the kit. So was I. It was as described. Julie F.

This was a gift for my grandson for his 7th birthday. He loves it. His parents on the other hand suggested after an hour of tricks that perhaps he would like to try it on his friends at another time. (They were getting tired of being the butt of his pranks!) He can't wait for his friends to come over this weekend. Stacy M.

Delivered on time product was a gift and enjoyed thanks. Donald D.

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