Peel Off Prank Sticker-Win $1000 a week for life 0198
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Peel Off Prank Sticker-Win $1000 a week for life 0198

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 Who isn't excited to win money.  They will claim their prize at the website just to find out that it's just a prank! Check out all the other money amounts we have.

 All you have to do is place your sticker of choice and plant the item for your intended victim to “Win Big”! The prizes named are just for laughs or to announce something to friends and family.  Be sure to check out the different versions for many occasions. This prank works especially well on fast food or To-go items, chips, candy bars, gift items, and more. The possibilities are endless!  Ones to make you laugh, cause confusion, stir up some chaos, or even create smiles!  In order to know which peel off prank you have in hand, we put a key code list included with your order & the key code number is located under the vehicle on the sticker. Don’t forget you can order losing game pieces as well that say “Try Again” (you can open the losing piece yourself in front of them) to make it seem more realistic when your victim’s game piece is a “Big Winner”!!  On the peel off it also names , where they enter their code, & it tells them they’ve been pranked.  Tag us in your prank videos! 

Disclaimer:  This product is for entertainment purposes only!  GoDo Pranks and any company whose product you place this product on are not responsible for the prizes, misuse, or disappointment caused by this prank product.

Warning:  The stickers are water resistant but not waterproof and have a permanent adhesive.




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