About Us

   Our Brand, GoDo Pranks was created by our company, JERECO GLOBAL LLC (the makers of the Ultimate Prank Kit No.1, No.2, Junior Edition, and Candy Edition). In 2012, we came up with an idea that soon led to creating the first edition of The Ultimate Prank Kit. Over the years we have expanded from that one kit, to a few other awesome prank kits! In 2016, we also began to manufacture our own stink spray/prank product called Spray N Prank Stink Mist. In 2017, we created the World's Largest Prank Kit and World's Largest Fart Bomb.  You can check out these videos by searching GoDo Pranks on YouTube or by clicking  here  .  Make sure you subscribe for new product releases and awesome demonstration videos. 

  Our Goal with the website is to give anyone the opportunity to build your own prank kit; with tons of items to choose from, there will be an outstanding variety to customize your ultimate prank kit! All kits will be assembled right here in Virginia, where we will continue to come out with several great new prank products.



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