April Fools Day, A Day Of Pranks

April Fools Day, A Day Of Pranks

Authored By GoDo Pranks

What’s the happiest day of the year? Christmas day, when Santa brings you presents on his magic sleigh? Or how about the first day of summer break, with all of those weeks off from school? Or maybe Valentine’s Day, when every girl (or boy) who likes you in that particular way gets you a card with a big lovey heart and loads of kisses on it?

If you picked any of the above then I’m afraid that your diagnosis is: you are totally lame!  The best day of the year is April Fool’s Day- when you get to prank people in a sort of tolerated manner where you probably won’t get expelled from school, kicked out of the family, or sent to work on a polar bear farm in Alaska.

Of course the danger is: they that prank risk getting pranked right back again. 

April Fool’s Day has a fascinating history...probably. But here at Go Do Pranks, we’ve got better things to do than look those things up. So go down the library, or use Wikipedia, or even ask a nerd.  You probably will learn about some king who liked pranking his people by cutting their heads off or something like that.

Anyways, this is the new millennium and it’s time for more exciting and fiendish pranking.  Basically the first rule of pranking is do anything that doesn’t get you sent to jail or maims anyone, the second one is...there is no second rule, anything goes!  You might want to start with the classics like switching the coffee grounds with mud, the sugar with salt or the bubble bath with jello.  But if you want something really awesome you’re going to need to come to a professional.  You’ll need to buy you some joke items at the number one gag store and that’s us.

You see, a prank or novelty item isn’t just something you use to annoy your chosen victim; it’s a finely tuned weapon in your arsenal of annoyance. That’s exactly why you need the right novelty toys and gag gifts.

It’s a bit like being Batman, because if Batman didn’t have his Bat Belt and Bat Cave full of Bat Gadgets…he’d be little more than some rich guy in a rubber suit beating up purse snatchers.  It’s the Batarang and Bat shark repellent that helps make him THE Batman.

And you can be the Batman of pranking on April Fool’s with our Ultimate Prank Kit.  April Fool’s Day wouldn’t be April Fool’s Day without a super realistic piece of fake barf left outside your most hated gym teacher’s crappy car.  Let everyone else in the school wonder what Mr. Dodge Ball has been doing that makes him lose his breakfast before school starts.

 The thing about a truly on point prankster is restraining their pranking somewhat. For example, if you drop M80s in all the school toilets and flood the entire building and turn it into a giant toilet scented swimming pool, yea sure you’ll be the most notorious prankster the whole school (maybe even the whole country) has ever heard of.  But you’ll also be getting a life sentence of detentions where you’ll have to sit in silence, so you won’t even be able to tell anyone about your notoriety. Now stealth, precision, and cool are what really stand out about the king or queen of April Fools!

 If you get the Ultimate Prank Kit Poop Edition, we have a monstrous life-like poop that can reduce the sternest principal to quivering jelly.  The only way to get a better reaction would be to use the real thing and you probably don’t want to go that far (at least we wouldn’t advise it).

 April Fool’s Day is the most fun day of the year and with GoDo Pranks supplying you with the prank ammunition, you can rule that day. You like James Bond? Well, just imagine us as your very own Q branch license to cause Mayhem and Mirth. You’ll be able to bring a reign of fun and terror and your teachers and classmates won’t even be able to see you coming (You’ll be able to see them coming though, did we mention we make secret agent rear view sunglasses?!). James Bond and Batman would be still waiting to ask Santa Clause for a pair of those at Christmas, because unlike you, they’re a couple of dorks.


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