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Pranking is a past time as old as recorded history. From the day a caveman first created fire, another primitive caveman chucked a big pile of mammoth poop on it to fill the cave with hilarious stink cloud.  When caveman first painted a picture of a sabre-toothed tiger on the wall, a caveman prankster probably switched his paint for a big ball of mammoth poop (and he had to risk his life getting it because back in his day there were no prank stores and novelty toys were still a novelty).

This teaches us two things.

One is that the history of pranking is as old as history itself and another is that our primitive cave man ancestors did most of their pranking with poop. Why? Because the gag gift hadn’t been invented yet; be it a garlic flavored lollipop, a vial of fake blood or a surprisingly realistic fake poop. It would take centuries for these things to be created and in the meantime all he had was real mammoth poop.

In fact Michelangelo’s painting of the Sistine Chapel was part of an old and breathtaking prank, taking master artists 20 years to perfect.  When Michelangelo was finished, the crowned princes and monarchs of Europe would visit the Vatican and gaze up in awe; at which point Michelangelo would rush out and pants them or drop an ice cube down the back of their neck.

But if you didn’t have 20 years and a large chapel how could you still carry out such elaborate pranks?

The answer was you had to be patient. 

Benjamin Franklin was a founding father, a great inventor, and an inveterate prankster.  But he almost prevented the creation of the United States by constantly switching the quill pen that it was signed with, with joke quills. Quills that squirted ink on the user, only wrote in invisible ink, or wrote in fart scented ink. The English were almost upon that first constitutional assembly before the constitution was signed.

However Benjamin Franklin still had the last laugh and the constitution was indeed signed with his joke fart ink quill. To this day the reason the Declaration of Independence is kept behind glass is because it still whiffs of eggy farts.

But the problem was that even the best pranks get old and predictable. There’s only so many times that you can leave out realistic rubber cockroaches before the lunch lady stops screaming and just serves the mystery meat sandwich and jello anyways, although in some cases they may have been serving them as part of the ingredients in the meatloaf for quite some time.  

How do you keep your pranks fresher than the school lunch meatloaf and with just as much bad taste?

You bring in a professional and you buy the right tools.

Enter the GoDo Pranks weapon of mass distraction, the Build Your Own Ultimate Prank Kit. This kit comes with tons of our most evil, hilarious pranks perfected by our mad prank scientists in our secret prank lab for years.

We don’t just provide a floating eyeball so realistic that your teacher will run out of the classroom to see the school nurse or a whoopie cushion loud enough to get the school closed for the day (ok we probably can't promise that part), but even more potential is included in this kit full of tricks.

And as there are over a dozen pranks you can keep changing up your game, making your pranking ever more unpredictable and fiendish. We call them gag gifts because not only are they gag gifts, they’ll also make your victims gag!

But this prank kit doesn’t just come in one variety there’s The Junior Prank Kit for beginners, The Candy Prank Kit, The Ultimate Prank Kit number one and the next is The Ultimate Prank Kit number two, as well as our special Ultimate Poop Kit. Which come to think of it should have been called our Ultimate NUMBER TWO Prank Kit, but that’s just us at GoDo Pranks, always unpredictable.

So if you want a set of the world’s most devilish pranks then drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.  Our lollipops can turn your granddad's mouth blue without making him swear.  Our fart inducing sweets will clear out the most boring theater show your school can force you to go to.  And our fake dog poop can get your dog in a heck of a lot of trouble.  Just think what your primitive caveman ancestors would have thought of it? Because unlike them you don’t have to settle for number two or Mammoth number two for that matter!


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