The Ultimate Prank No.2
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The Ultimate Prank Kit No.2

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Each Ultimate Prank Kit comes with the following: (1) No Rip Toilet Paper- replace your toilet paper with this one and begin to laugh when someone has to use it, (1) Squirt Toilet Seat- Place this item under your toilet seat and when someone sits they will sure get a surprise, (1) Cracked Screen- this screen can fit larger screens like the 6 plus 7 plus 8 plus but can also be cut to fit smaller phones comes in assorted styles (1) Bone Cracker Prank- place this on your neck and press and it will sound like your neck is cracking , (1) Fake Pet Puke- Place this anywhere to make it look like your pet puked everywhere, (1) Squirt Gum- Squirt a person with cold water the next time they ask you for a piece of gum, (1) Instant Worm- place these in some water and watch them start to come to live, (1) Rubber Pencil- Looks like a real pencil except it will bend when someone goes to write something, (1) Money Snatcher- Place a dollar bill on the end and soon as someone goes to reach, press the button to reel it back in, (1) 3" Key Chain Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion- take this on the go to pull some fart pranks, (1) Sneezing Powder- Just a little of this stuff will have them sneezing Made in USA, (1) Disappearing Ink- pour this on a white shirt and watch it disappear in front of your eyes , (1) Fake Vomit- This is the most realistic vomit around, place this anywhere to get a funny reaction Made in the USA. Warning CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts, Not for children under 3 years For ages 14 and up

Super Quick service!!! Love it!!! Can't wait to prank my sons!!!! Jorge A.

The prank kit is hilarious. My daughter has played pranks on everyone and i will be ordering more pranks in the future for her. Heather R.

Got this as a birthday present for my nephew, and he LOVES it! He's having a ball with all the tricks. Haslam H.

My grandchildren were very happy with the kit. So was I. It was as described. Julie F.

This was a gift for my grandson for his 7th birthday. He loves it. His parents on the other hand suggested after an hour of tricks that perhaps he would like to try it on his friends at another time. (They were getting tired of being the butt of his pranks!) He can't wait for his friends to come over this weekend. Stacy M.

Delivered on time product was a gift and enjoyed thanks. Donald D.

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