The Ultimate Prank No.2
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The Ultimate Prank Kit No.2

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Each Ultimate Prank Kit comes with the following: (1) No Rip Toilet Paper- replace your toilet paper with this one and begin to laugh when someone has to use it, (1) Squirt Toilet Seat- Place this item under your toilet seat and when someone sits they will sure get a surprise, (1) Cracked Screen- this screen can fit larger screens like the 6 plus 7 plus 8 plus but can also be cut to fit smaller phones comes in assorted styles (1) Bone Cracker Prank- place this on your neck and press and it will sound like your neck is cracking , (1) Fake Pet Puke- Place this anywhere to make it look like your pet puked everywhere, (1) Squirt Gum- Squirt a person with cold water the next time they ask you for a piece of gum, (1) Instant Worm- place these in some water and watch them start to come to live, (1) Rubber Pencil- Looks like a real pencil except it will bend when someone goes to write something, (1) Money Snatcher- Place a dollar bill on the end and soon as someone goes to reach, press the button to reel it back in, (1) 3" Key Chain Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion- take this on the go to pull some fart pranks, (1) Sneezing Powder- Just a little of this stuff will have them sneezing Made in USA, (1) Disappearing Ink- pour this on a white shirt and watch it disappear in front of your eyes , (1) Fake Vomit- This is the most realistic vomit around, place this anywhere to get a funny reaction Made in the USA. Warning CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts, Not for children under 3 years For ages 14 and up
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