The Ultimate Prank Kit No.2
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The Ultimate Prank Kit No.2

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Each Ultimate Prank Kit comes with the following: (1) No Tear Toilet Paper- replace your toilet paper with this one and begin to laugh when someone has to use it (1) Fake Flies- place these realistic flies anywhere to get a funny reaction (1) Jumping Candy- once someone starts to unwrap, a spring will fly out and startle them (1) Squirt Camera- fill up with water and squirt your friends and family. (1) Fake Pet Puke- place this anywhere to make it look like your pet puked everywhere (1) Squirt Gum- squirt a person with cold water the next time they ask you for a piece of gum (1) Instant Worm- place these in some water and watch them start to come alive (1) Fake Wad of Gum- place this fake chewing gum anywhere to get a funny reaction (1) Buggy Candy- these wrappers have fake bugs inside (1) Backsplash Mini- looks like a real squirt gun because it is except this one shoots backwards, colors will vary (1) Fake Ants- place these realistic ants anywhere for a quick reaction (3) Fake lotto tickets- these tickets will make your victim think they won 5 grand (1) Fake Chocolates- Place these with real chocolates and your friends won't be able to tell the difference. Warning CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts, Not for children under 3 years, For ages 14 and up
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