Freeze Dried Candy Double Snake in a Can Prank Toy
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Freeze Dried Candy Double Snake in a Can Prank Toy

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This ingenious creation combines a cloth snake with the surprise of a squealing sidekick and both actually soar through the air as the top is lifted off. Our freeze dried candy snake in a can is handcrafted in house creating the illusion of lifelike graphics and candy sound when you shake the can.  There are 4 things that set our snake in can apart from the others.  First, you have the ability to add glitter or confetti, so when they open the top, glitter or confetti flies everywhere  (Glitter and Confetti Not included).  Second, one of our snakes actually makes a squealing noise when it being launched through the air, making it even more of an unexpected surprise. Third, when you shake our snake in a can, it sounds like candy is actually inside.  Fourth, since our can is made in house, the quality is unmatched, giving you a snake in a can prank that will last you a very long time!

Can is made in the USA
Both Snakes are imported from China

Two Snakes (One cloth snake that measures around 14 inches long and one snake that squeals that measures around 9 inches long).

The candy can measures 5 inches in height.

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