Spray N Prank Stink Mist Minis Fart Spray 1pk
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Spray N Prank Stink Mist Minis Fart Spray 1pk

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Each pack comes with one 2ml spray bottles (about 40 sprays per bottle)
This magical mist packs the power of a thousand rogue beans, the zest of expired cabbage, and the zing of spicy taco nights. Just one spritz sets off a chain reaction of uncontrollable laughter, bewildered expressions, and a sudden appreciation for open windows. Perfect for pranks, parties, or when you need to clear a room with comedic finesse. Get ready to embrace the fragrant fumes of hilarity, as the Spray Prank Stink Mist turns every moment into a symphony of silly stinks! Warning: Keep away from sensitive noses and formal occasions. Side effects may include side-splitting laughter, heightened hilarity, and uncontrollable bursts of amusement!" For ages 14 and up

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